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Best Sex Toys for Couples

Our editorial team thoroughly researches and analyzes the best gear, services and essential products for life. And let’s be true: there isn’t much that fingers, mouths and genitals can do, while the best sex toys for couples can take care of the rest.

Of course, introducing a toy into your partner’s game the first time can be a little intimidating, especially if you don’t know how the other person might react. Liz Klinger, female sexual health expert and founder of Lioness, suggests the obvious: “First assess their reactions, talk about it, and then make a decision.” And understand, “there’s a chance they might not want sex toys, and that’s okay too,” she adds. “There are many other ways to explore and be close together.”

But if they like it (hurray!), Go shopping. As much as you want to surprise your partner with your latest catch, getting their opinion on what they would like will also help ensure that the toy will be used properly. Together, decide how much penetration you want, how intense you want vibration (if at all), and whether you want to add BDSM to your daily routine. Once you understand all of this, the hardest part is deciding how many of these best sex toys for her you should add to your arsenal.

Photos of goods from the websites of retailers. This article is part of a series on the best sex toys. We’ve also covered the best sex toys for men, including the best masturbation toys, and for women. Choose a sex toy without guesswork and, above all, have fun. A diamond ring sounds beautiful, but you know which sounds better? Cock ring.

It’s mutually beneficial, much more accessible, and doesn’t require a subtext of commitment. Unfortunately, some men still believe that the introduction of sex toys into the bedroom is correlated with sexual deficiency, which is far from the case. It’s not just you guys, so throw that pride aside and grab something fun for yourself and your loved one.

Best Sex Toys For Beginners


Where to buy sex toys? In fact, the very act of using a sex toy with your partner can improve communication in a relationship. A study by We-Vibe found that more than half of couples who buy sex toys often talk about intimacy, compared with 28 percent who don’t. What does effective communication lead to? Better sex and sexual confidence.

The results also showed that 30 percent of couples holding a vibrator feel free to point the bedroom direction to orgasm, compared with 17 percent who don’t. For 52 percent of these couples, sex toys effectively retain interest in the bedroom. If that wasn’t enough, a Chapman University study found that women and men were more sexually satisfied with their relationships when they were more open to sharing sex toys.

Of course, couples toys are not limited to vibrators, although they are quite popular and quite good. There is a huge selection of sex toys made especially for couples and many ways to use a solo toy for couples.

We’ve contacted various sex shop owners and asked them to recommend the best sex toys for couples in their stores to make sure you’re getting the best the industry has to offer. The best sex toys for couples that will make couples sex so much better

Best Sex Toy: We-Vibe Sync

A common topic of conversation about sex toys was We-Vibe Sync, which is now one of the hottest products on the market. “This is the best-selling Good Vibes toy right now and is specially designed for couples who can use it together,” says Carol Quinn, Good Vibes staff sexologist. “It’s also a smart device with wireless remote access via apps.”

The C-shaped vibrator offers both internal and external stimulation, with the ability to be remotely controlled within 18 feet or by connecting via the We-Connect app on your smartphone. Basically, this means that the distance doesn’t matter.

Best Sex Toy: Magic Wand Rechargeable

The magic wand was originally created to relieve tension and relieve muscle pain, but quickly spread south and became an established sex toy in the 1960s. “The magic wand has always come first, and while many people think of it primarily as a great vibrator for solo play (and it is!), Many couples also use it together,” shares Quinn.

The Magic Wand Rechargeable is an enhancement to the classic model and features many powerful penetrating vibrations with a variety of patterns and intensities that appeal to both men and women. Plus, it’s wireless, so you can take the wand anywhere to relieve stress … wherever it is.

Best Vibrator: We-Vibe X Lovehoney Remote Control Vibrator for Couples

This hands-free remote controlled vibrator is designed to fit between you and your partner during intercourse. Fully waterproof, slim, ergonomic design, it includes 10 speed settings and patterns, allowing unlimited creativity with sheets, in the shower and beyond.

Best Vibrator: VeDO Yumi Compact Silicone Finger Vibrator

YUMI finger vibration is proof that good things come in small packages. Simply slide your fingers through the Universal Finger Grip and manually stimulate your partner – only this time you get extra vibration power.

“[YUMI Finger Vibration] is ideal for use with a partner because it fits seamlessly into your touch and feels like a hybrid of toy play and hand stimulation,” says Zoey Ligon, CEO of Spectrum Boutique. With YUMI finger vibration, you become a sex toy.

Best Vibrator: Lovehoney Bionic Bullet 5 Function Vibrating Cock Ring

The Bionic Bullet Cock Ring is simple. Simply slide two elastic bands over the package and activate vibration to stimulate the clitoris and testicles at the same time. This device turns your manhood into a vibrator that you both can appreciate.

“Cock rings are one of the first toys couples try to try,” says Annabelle Knight, resident sex expert at Lovehoney. “They can help increase size, firmness and stamina by reducing blood flow from the penis, and the extra vibration stimulates your partner. during sex. The best cock ring positions have freedom of movement, but you and your partner’s bodies can be pressed together so you can adjust your level of vibration. “

Best Vibrator: Desire Luxury Rechargeable Strapless Dildo Vibrator

Strapless strap-on? How can it be?! It’s actually pretty simple. The Desire strapless dildo vibrator engages your Kegel muscles by inserting the shorter of the two rods, called a pony. Then, adjust the pony to find the best fit and angle that works for both partners, and explore the full range of speeds and vibration patterns to capitalize on the overall excitement.

“The straps are great for switching sexual dynamics with just about anyone and with a partner,” Knight says. – Strapless strap gives a greater sense of intimacy because the straps do not get in the way. They are also suitable for those who want to penetrate their partner’s vagina. “

Best Sex Toy: BASES Reversible Dildo 12 Inc

The affordable and effective BASICS reversible dildo features a 12-inch veined shaft and two heads that will give you (and your partner) delightfully deep and satisfying filling time and time again.

“Double dildos are great for couples who have always wanted to try pegging play or enjoy double penetration,” explains Knight. “The main problems with double didos are getting the right balance and position, so experiment to find out what works for you and your partner. Some easy ways to get started is to get on all fours and press against each end of a double dildo (one at a time!). “

Best Sex Toy: Palm

Remember that diamond ring joke we did earlier? Well, this sex toy offers the best of both worlds by combining spectacular jewelry with a multi-speed waterproof vibrator ring.

“This fashionable wearable ring has three speeds and two customizable modes that control the vibration with your own hand movement and is a bestseller,” said Polly Rodriguez, co-founder and CEO of Unbound. The toy is made of surgical stainless steel in silver and plated 18K gold. A size chart is available for a perfect fit. Orgasm has never looked so good.

Best Vibrator: Bender G-Spot Vibrator

The Bender G-Spot Vibrator can be twisted, swiveled and molded as you please, making it the perfect vibrator for couples. “The flexible vibration body is ideal for G-spot, clitoral or general external stimulation with 10 speeds and patterns,” shares Rodriguez. “This new version features extended battery life, a more powerful motor and one button to switch modes.” The toy can also be wrapped around a rod and used as an impromptu cock ring. Get creative!

Best Sex Toy: Cuff

Rodriguez insists that the Cuffies be the best opening handcuffs. “They are silicone and flexible, so keys are not needed, making it much easier to incorporate them into your sex life,” she says. Standard cuffs can be awkward for users fiddling with chains, buckles and locks, but cuffs are unique in that they are made of durable silicone that is safe for the body. In fact, they are springy, perfect for different positions, and can stretch to fit any size wrist.

Best Sex Toy: Scarlett Kitten blindfold and restraints

The introduction of blindfolds and handcuffs to sex is a painless way to make it easier for yourself or your unwanted partner to have sex toys. The excitement and anxiety associated with giving up control to your partner and submitting to his sexual whims can be extremely arousing. The Scarlett Kitten blindfold and restraints include cuffs for both wrists and ankles, enhancing eroticism without jumping straight into more intimidating areas.

Erotic Toys: Intimate massager Alia by Lelo

Alia is a masculine pleasure-centric massager as its ergonomic design has a hollowed-out center to simulate oral sex. However, don’t let this distract you from introducing Alia into your couples’ game. It can be used during penetration or as a hand held vibrator for both men and women. Its versatility is matched only by its sleek design, built to move smoothly across skin.

Best Sex Toy: Shibari Mini Halo

The massage stick is a must-have item in the sextoy toolbox. Touted as the best-selling massager on Amazon, the Shibari Mini Halo is compact and discreet. It comes with 20 vibration modes and eight speed settings with a flexible neck capable of maneuvering in these tight spaces. It is a flexible instrument in every sense of the word, capable of stimulating any external parts and even internal parts, if you buy a separate attachment. Mini Halo is a wireless, rechargeable device, small enough to fit in a briefcase or bag for fun on the go.

Best Vibrator: Adam & Eve G-Gasm Delight Vibrator

There is a common misconception that Best Vibrator are exclusively for female singles, but the G-Gasm Delight provides variable intensity vibrations that can just as easily be used for prostate stimulation and pair play. Unlike the massage stick, the G-Gasm Delight can be used indoors without any additional accessories. The G-Gasm Delight boasts a superior design with an ovular tip for increased reach and an angled neck for maximum reach.

Best Vibrator: Kehel by Joy ON Vibrating Kegel Balls

It may seem like this is for women only, but we think it is more of a win-win option for both men and women. Kegel balls strengthen the vaginal pelvic floor muscles, creating tighter muscles and providing more control that both women and their partners in the bedroom will notice. Kegel balls can also be used for foreplay and sex and can be inserted for up to 6 hours (see the guide on this matter).

Best Vibrator: Joy ON’s Kehel outperforms the competition by providing a variety of vibration modes and intensities that can be controlled via the free app, allowing partners to engage in engaging workouts. Kegel balls also help improve bladder control and postpartum recovery – a fact that may help your partner try. (You are welcome.)

Best Sex Toy: Lubricant K-Y Warming Jelly Personal Lubricant

Okay, technically it’s not exactly an adult toy, but lubricant is an essential accessory for adult toys. WD-40 is a floor lubricant that weakens unwanted friction where there are many moving parts. K-Y Jelly is the most recognizable lubricant on the market, and we especially love K-Y Warming Jelly for its innovative ability to induce warmth in addition to lubricating moving parts (and all your new toys).

Best Sex Toy: Anal Trainer Kit Real Vibes

This kit is ideal Best Sex Toy for beginners as it includes four sizes of forks that allow you to start with a smaller size and then explore the larger forks. These plugs have narrow tips that gradually widen to make them easier to insert, and suction cups at the base for hands-free play. They can help prepare for anal sex, be used to achieve double penetration, or even be used during masturbation to stimulate the endings of the anal nerves. Whichever way you decide to use them, be sure to pair the Real Vibes Anal Training Kit plugs with plenty of lubricant.

Best Sex Toy: Ohmibod Club Vibe 2. Oops!

Discreet but by no means boring, Best Sex Toy: Ohmibod Club Vibe 2 is your answer to spicy entertainment in public or in private. The fishnet panties are designed to hold the Vibe 2 in place while your partner controls the remote from up to 20 feet away. The vibrator is approximately two inches wide and four inches long and has 5 different speeds, so its pleasure can be increased one notch at a time.

Best Sex Toy: 365 Naughty Cosmo Nights

Sexy board games take too much effort, which is why we recommend Best Sex Toy: Cosmo’s 365 Naughty Nights. There are three types of cards in the game, one is positions, most of which, I promise you, you have never tried before, like Hot Hula. Secondly, fantasy cards that help set the mood. The third is the most hilarious, with erotic activities like licking pudding off your chest. Couples are encouraged to shuffle the cards together and take one in turn.

Best Sex Toy: Collection Wicked Aqua

Sex is good and sextoy is good, but lubricated sex is better. By all accounts, there are many lubricants to choose from. For a silky, luxurious, paraben-free feel, choose the WICKED AQUA COLLECTION. Flavors include: caramel apple, mocha java, pomegranate, salted caramel, vanilla beans, and so on.

Best Sex Toy: Liberator wedge

The Liberator Wedge offers extra height to facilitate entry, which makes the male penis feel larger as it can penetrate deeper. Wedge design helps to hit the G-spot or prostate for pleasant and effective sex. The Liberator Wedge is also great for female masturbation, offering the best angle for more efficient use of all solo orgasm sextoys. When the fun is over, just remove the lid – it can be washed for easy cleaning.

Best Sex Toy: LUNA Beads

Ideal for foreplay, LUNA Beads are battery free and inspired by the vintage Ben Wa balls, also known as geisha balls. Primarily used to enhance orgasm, LUNA Beads are made up of two beads that can be inserted (vaginally) together in a silicone strap or separately using a pull cord. Inside the balls are weighted balls that swirl around inside the body, contributing to an enjoyable Kegel exercise for a tighter and stronger vagina. While these beads are worn vaginally, they also provide additional benefits during anal sex.

Best Sex Toy: Lelo Tiani 3

LELO TIANI is ideal for solo sex for men and women, as well as when used together. The toy is placed in the vagina so that the vibrator rests on the clitoris, fully hugging it. During intercourse, both sides experience the sensation of vibration when the sextoy lies inside the female and shares space with the penis, simultaneously stimulating the G-spot and clitoris.

Best Sex Toy: Fifty Shades Of Gray Hard Limits Bed Clip Set

Yes, we know that ties and blindfolds are in vogue now because of this fake 50 Shades of Gray BDSM story (this movie is not an accurate depiction of BDSM behavior, please remember), however we don’t need a quirk to create a little mystery in bedroom. Blocking out one of her senses means you have to compensate in other areas, and this can be great play. Take turns, be safe and have fun.

Erotic Toys: Erotic Edibles Game Pens

When it comes to sex, edible markers are great fun. Do you have an erogenous zone that you want her to explore? Circle the area and ask her to lick the scented marker off your naked body! No matter how you choose to express yourself with these erotic toy game pens, you will always have fun. In the package, customers will receive: red (strawberry), green (green apple), blue (blue raspberry) and purple (cherry).

Best Sex Toy: Funny toys G-Vibe

According to some, G-spot orgasm is a better option than clitoral stimulation. It’s debatable, but let’s just go with the theory here. If so, then the Fun Toy G-Vibe is the Holy Grail. This hypoallergenic silicone vibrator has two wings at the end that expand and expand to stimulate the inside. It has six vibration modes at the wingtips. The best part? It works with your girlfriend’s body – and while it may seem intimidating, it’s a very affordable sextoy.

Best Sex Toy or PornHub Premium

While not a sextoy, porn can be a great communication prologue for couples. For $ 9.99 a month, you and your partner can have access to over 13,000 full-length videos and thousands of other HD media without any ads or interruptions. The PornHub Premiu is aptly described as Netflix porn.

Erotic Toys: JimmyJane Contour M Ceramic Massage Stone

Contour M is great for couples sex and massaging with the Afterglow Massage Oil Candle (or just separately). In short, sometimes our partners want us to rub their backs, but we feel tired, lazy and don’t want to show it. This stone is a savior. It cuts down on work and also gives your partner a strong and enjoyable massage (which is most likely better than your lazy hands anyway). In addition, the Contour M is temperature resistant and ergonomic.

Erotic Toys: Boy oil

As you can see, Boy Butter looks, feels, and packs just like butter usually found in the supermarket. Niche appearance aside, this hybrid grease (made from coconut oil and a blend of organic silicones) is homogenized like real oil! The result: A lubricant that lasts longer than water- or silicone-based lubricants, ideal for masturbation and / or anal couples sex.

Erotic Toys: Wildfire Oil

An aphrodisiac-infused Erotic Toys: Wildfire Original pleasure oil is infused with natural enhancers to ensure a romantic evening in the bedroom – whether it’s a night of sensual massage or something more intimate. This lavender-scented formula acts as a personal lubricant as well as massage and body oils – so feel free to season it.

Erotic Toys: LELO Layla 2

Who doesn’t love the simple bullet atmosphere in couples games? Crazy. The LELO Lyla 2 bullet is just a new and improved version of an old classic. Thanks to SenseMotion technology, the Erotic Toys: Lyla 2 also has three times the wireless range. You can take this thing anywhere and keep up with the game. So good for teasing and foreplay. Plus, it’s 100% made from body-safe silicone.

Erotic Toys: LELO Toy Cleaning Spray

If you have a collection of sex toys in your bedroom, you should at least make sure they are clean. LELO’s alcohol and paraben-free cleansing formula is a quality, effective and affordable choice for sex toys of all shapes and sizes.

Best Vibrator: Iroha Midori Vibrator

Iroha Midori is a tiny soft vibrator that looks more like a stress ball than a sexual pleasure product, but that is what makes it an easily maneuverable sextoy that poses no threat at all. Designed to satisfy all tastes, it offers different levels of intensity and vibration patterns so you and your partner can know what really moves you. Experiment with this atmosphere by using it to stroke all the different erogenous zones on your body and on his body, not just the genitals.

Best Sex Toy: Ohnut

This unsuspecting sextoy takes penetrative sex to a whole new, very comfortable level. If you are experiencing painful sex, it can be caused by anything from the birth of endometriosis to vaginismus and canine style that just doesn’t match your cervix. Ohnut helps take care of all of this so you can have fun (which I know is the whole point). Use stackable penis rings or dildos (and plenty of lubricant) by wearing them before penetration – they will prevent your partner from going too deep.

Best Vibrator: We-Vibe Moxie

Another wearable vibrator (read: stick it into your underwear), this one from Best Vibrator: We-Vibe is quiet, comfortable and shear-resistant (thanks to the magnetic clip). Give away the small remote – or have your partner download the app – and let him (literally) take control when you’re together or apart.

Best Sex Toy: Door Cuffs

If you and your partner want to try bondage but don’t have a suitable place to hook the handcuffs, then these door handcuffs are the best option. Throw them over your room or bathroom door, buckle up and have fun. These handcuffs will literally take your sex life up a notch.

Best Sex Toy: Butt Plugs for beginners

If you or your partner want to play with anal stimulation but are unsure of where to start, this beginner sextoy plug is perfect. With a remote control to control your partner and varying levels of vibration, this plug (which definitely requires a water-based lubricant) will 100 percent improve penetrative sex, oral sex, or solo (when your partner isn’t in the picture).

Best Sex Toy: Union Double Dildo

Designed for couples sex with two vaginas, this double sextoy dildo not only provides simultaneous penetration, it doesn’t even mimic a penis even a little. The long, curved end actually looks like two fingers, but can reach lengths beyond the reach of the average person. Again, don’t forget to lubricate.

Best Sex Toy and Sex Swing

Channel your inner Samantha Jones with this sexy swing. You will need a secure place to hang it (read the instructions!), But once it is up, you can go inside like your very own Cirque du Soleil boudoir. Experiment with all possible angles, inverted penetration … yes, pretty much everything imaginable.

Best Sex Toy: Sensuelle Point

This pocket sex toy has 20 (yes, you read that right) different speeds, vibrations and rhythm patterns, so it comes as no surprise that it is known for its strength and intensity. Since it is so small, this bullet easily echoes between you and your partner during sex.

Best Vibrator: Fin Vibrator for Fingers

To be honest, Fin is a wonder sextoy. Perfect for your index finger, this little powerhouse delivers some serious punch. Use it alone or add to penetrative sex for extra clitoral stimulation. Bonus bonus: Fin doesn’t look like a penis at all, in case penises aren’t your ~ thing ~ when it comes to sex.

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